Via School

Via School

Get real-time data, right into your teachers’ hands.

Teachers need information to understand how their students learn and to build appropriate, authentic, and impactful programming. This is just the start of truly collaborative learning.

Trillium Via School is real-time data access, with single sign-on and 3rd Party software integration. Teachers have real-time access to data already stored in the Trillium Student Information System.

Administrators can grant access to data such as Special Education, Medical Peril, custody and much more. Class Lists provide information in a practical and comprehensive way.

Student Spotlight provides a quick overview of student demographics, school news, events and assignments, agenda, attendance and more.

Any Special Education information that exists in Trillium will be readily available to that student’s teacher(s) and support staff. Any medical information that exists in Trillium will carry over to Trillium Via, updated in real time.

Historical achievement can be reviewed, providing insight into student learning trends.


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