Built for Ontario

The Trillium Student Information Management Suite™ takes care of the changing needs of Ontario school boards making your world easier. Originating from a consortium of Ontario school boards, Trillium’s evolution continues to keep pace with Ministry requirements and meet the needs of the school office & classroom; after all, what would you expect from a system designed by your peers? Reaching well beyond its original scope, Trillium now engages students, their parents and their teachers making it Ontario’s #1 choice. You can count on Trillium to:

  • Provide an easy to maintain, enterprise-wide, student information system.
  • Provide a comprehensive step-by-step approach to the complete life-cycle of a students’ education from enrollment to graduation, including special and continuing (adult) education, with seamless integration among all panels.
  • Provide direct, real-time access to enterprise-wide student information at the board level, for all students, in all schools.
  • Provide tools beyond the essential requirements while anticipating and satisfying your 21st century needs.

Trillium’s strong base of over 40 school boards participates in its roadmap and direction. Collectively, Trillium users have a megaphone connection to the Ministry of Education. Join the largest group of school districts in Ontario and be heard when things matter to you most.

Elementary and Secondary Achievement modules allows teachers to actively manage their grades and conveniently rolls up into the accepted Ontario Report Card formats.

Attendance modules eliminates the need for paper records.  With the touch of a finger, teachers take attendance and record the information into Trillium.
Course Request modules allow students to interact with parents and guidance counsellors in the selection of their courses. 
Special Education modules take care of the needs basic information tracking right in Trillium.
Continuing Education modules helps districts maximize enrollment and tracking.
Data Archival Systems keeps archived student information at your fingertips.  Helps your districts readmit past students and enables easy retrieval of transcript information keeping your current Trillium databases operating clean and fast.