Students achieve

Students achieve

Ontario school boards are striving to implement consolidated Growing Success-compliant assessment applications. Students achieve is a revolutionary and comprehensive mobile classroom assessment tool that allows educators to assess student performance and to meet the growing demands for data-driven decisions across the class, school, and district.

Simplify Growing Success, Touch Marks Entry™, Media Rich

Growing Success tasks made simple, using the Assessment wizard. (Configurable to district’s requirements.)

Teachers use this tool to define learning goals and success criteria for each assignment. This helps communicate expectations to students and parents.

Teachers quickly enter marks, observations, and anecdotal comments.

Extending the value of marks and anecdotal comments, teachers can attach pictures, videos and other media files to capture evidence of student learning. Teachers can also share this resource with students and parents to enable engagement and involvement. 

Photos, videos and other files of student work may be uploaded to capture evidence of learning.

Teachers may view and interact with evidence of learning for each student to support criterion-referenced assessment.

School districts can configure how teachers can benefit from assessment analysis. Typically, teachers analyze assessment results using the achievement chart categories as shown here. 


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