Student Information

Together, we do better.  Student information is more than data: it's the brain of education.  It drives funding and curriculum.  It impacts every area of the education process. Doing it right is critical. And, it's our business. Sharing information with parents, teachers, administration and school boards should be easy. Working together with the power of Trillium and SchoolLogic at our hands, it is.

Built for you.

Trillium and SchoolLogic were built with specific people in mind. If you are from Ontario, we recommend Trillium. It has functionality that is unique to requirements within the province. If you are from elsewhere in Canada or the United States we recommend SchoolLogic.

We recommend the following product based on your location.

Get the funding your district deserves.

Don't leave money on the desk. Student Information Systems drive your funding.  Is yours getting it right?