SchoolLogic is loaded with enterprise-grade features.

Demographics - SchoolLogic's Central Information Exchange provides schools with the opportunity to edit, adjust and distribute data in the manner they see fit from the central database.  The Demographics area is flexible and scalable, providing the opportunity to add user defined tabs to capture any information, such as Government or sports related data.  The Demographics screens are configured easily to allow streamlining of intake processes, reducing clicks and increasing productivity.  All fields, including user defined fields, can be set as auditable for change tracking and security purposes.

Attendance - SchoolLogic Attendance provides the ability to quickly record and report on student attendance in the classroom, teacher lab, or school office, whether it is daily, per period, or both. Unlimited absence codes, reports, letters, and connection to auto-dialers provide you with the most powerful system in its class. All attendance data is live and is immediately directed to staff in the school office, or throughout the district, when appropriate action is required.
Grades/Report Cards & Transcripts - With its unique design of complementary data entry procedures and reports, SchoolLogic provides the ability to enter and track all grades with the touch of a few keys. Our customized progress and transcript system provides schools with the ability to manage and report on student or class marks, GPAs, earned credits, potential credits, academic standings, athletic eligibility, honor roll and class rank for current or historical years. If required, you may customize the report card with comments, graphics and learning objectives using a number of standard templates including elementary, middle school and high school versions. Unlimited grades and comments may be entered via scanner, Gradebook or device with access to the SchoolLogic solution.

School Scheduling - You'll discover greater flexibility when designing a master schedule, working with students in a guidance setting, or simply scheduling students on the fly. Accurate scheduling in less time sums up our system. For schools requiring scheduling, SchoolLogic's easy to use and robust functionality leads to unlimited scheduling possibilities, including; mosaic, pod, block, subject, combination or full-year programs. All of your possibilities may be scheduled via our fully automated system. Save considerable time, energy and money by harnessing the power of ourautomated scheduler system.
Master Board Builder - Gives you the control to choose to automatically build your master schedule. Master Board Builder gives you the ability to build student schedules that yesterday, never seemed possible. SchoolLogic's Master Board Builder is a tool that allows schools to use the program to create a master timetable of class, teacher and room schedules. This comprehensive feature takes days of manual timetable creation and narrows it down into hours. The program uses student requests, staff information and room information to create the necessary number of classes, staff and room assignments.

Special Education - Our module is a dynamic planning and tracking system for all of your districts special education needs. From the school classroom to the district office, all involved educators will have access to timely, precise and standardized information of all special needs students. IEP’s can be developed, goals can be set, and progress can be tracked and evaluated.  This module helps your district keep track of students, pre-referral and referral information, eligibility screenings by staff and outside agencies and so much more.  

3rd Party Integration - Integration is a must for today's Student Management Systems.  Using technologies such as SIF Interoperability and web-based API's, we connect SchoolLogic to various vendors for auto dialers, online payments, transportation and outcome based gradebooks.  At SchoolLogic, we see integration as a way to reduce dual entry and share common data, thereby maximizing your efficiency. SchoolLogic has been a member of the SIFA organization since 2004.  

Student Discipline and Suspensions - With the growing need to clearly track issues SchoolLogic keeps track of all discipline incidents that occur in your school. Document your critical data without multiple data entry, while creating reports based on a wide variety of factors including; demerits, detention, occurrences, and of repeat offences.

Test History & Achievement Tests - SchoolLogic gives your district the ability to track achievement via College / University Entrance Tests, NCCA requirements, Proficiency Tests, and Standardized Tests. Record or import your data from State, Provincial or National Standards. This data may even be linked via your student transcripts.

Activity Manager & Correspondence - This highly scalable feature adds as many new activity categories as required.  Configure SchoolLogic with your own user defined activities or use school selected categories that may be created or added on the fly for any activity in the school, including parent teacher conferences, student conferences or any other student activity.

Health & Immunization - In today’s school, attention to accurate health, immunization, and emergency information is critical. Record and report on a multitude of factors including; hearing, vision, nurse visits, physical exams, health-related incidents, dosage dates, while viewing the results of all tests.

Fees, Transportation & Tuition - Allows your district or school to assign and invoice fees to other resident districts for instruction of outside students and for transportation costs.  You also have the ability to assign, and manage lunch, tuition, transportation and other school related fees, applying them to accounts for students, alumni, parents or staff. At SchoolLogic we can integrate with Revtrak and other online payments systems to enable online credit card payments for student fees and meal payments.