OnLine Registration

OnLine Registration

Fast and secure student data migration. No paper forms.

OnLine Registration makes the student enrolment process simple and streamlined.  It's a better experience for parents and school administration. Our latest version offers:

  • Online Registration forms that are easy to customize for your school board.
  • Lots of new features, including Workflows and an easy to use Schema Builder.
  • Faster and more secure data migration into Trillium.
  • French version

No Parent Lineups

Parents can complete a registration application from the comfort of their home, at their own pace.

Easy for Admin Staff

No more illegible handwriting or managing lost and incomplete forms. Enrolment is accurate!

Migrate to Trillium

School board approved registration forms seamlessly migrate into Trillium, completing the registration process.


Get Online Registration now. Contact your SRB Account Manager for details. 

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