Student Information

Information. Organization. Collaboration. We focus on the things that matter most. Our student information systems help to simplify complex administration problems. They're designed to keep your people engaged and working together. That lets you focus on what matters most: the students.

People Services and Finance

Balancing workflow and efficiency isn’t easy. But, it’s what atrieveERP does perfectly. Empower your human resource, payroll and finance people to work together in amazing ways that boost productivity and decrease cost. Our cooperative development approach means your school division doesn’t just work with our team: you’re part of the team.

Advanced Assessment

Every student is different. That means providing teachers with flexible tools that can measure individual progress and achievement. StudentsAchieve gives educators incredible freedom without compromising simplicity. It’s the perfect assessment tool for ensuring each student’s success. And, it supports many different assessment styles.

Library and Resources

We understand how important it is to organize library resources. L4U is a pioneer in digital filing! Our software lets students of any age find the books, texts and digital resources they need most. It’s stunningly simple, so kids use it. Adults do too! That means higher literacy and encouraging everyone on the path to lifelong learning.

Connecting Home and Classroom

We started with a simple idea -- being connected -- and let it evolve. Parents can check attendance, future assignments and achievement on your favorite browser, anytime, anywhere. It lets people with the most impact on a child’s life connect and collaborate in a meaningful way.

Why Choose SRB?

Teaming up with SRB isn’t about finding a vendor for your need, it’s about working with a partner on your initiatives. Our software will provide you with a revolutionary new experience that challenges the boundaries of a vendor-client relationship.


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